Amazonite Bracelet Stretch Bracelet

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Length of bracelet: stretchy, 17.5 cm.

Diameter of stones: 8.1mm, 9.2mm, 10.2mm. Please select an option below.

The effect of the Amazonite unfolds with impatience, mood swings and inner turmoil. Its soothing, harmonizing and relaxing properties open up a wide range of applications for mental and physical disorders.
The positive effects of healing stones on the organism were already known in ancient times. The ancient Chinese also used the powerful stone energies for treatments. By placing on the chakras, this precious stone can improve the condition and alleviate diseases. Especially Amazonite keeps nightmares away, gives joy of life and freed from egoism. Amazonite is a powerful energy source for heart and head.



Amazonite, also known as Amazone stone, is a mineral variety from the group of feldspar. Crystallization occurs in the triclinic crystal system. By admixture of lead and copper, Amazonite receives its green to bluish green color. Synonyms for Amazonite are K-feldspar, Colorado jade or Krimspath. The gemstone, which is magmatically formed in granite and partly also in pegmatite and syenite, is of great importance as a healing stone and gemstone.
Amazonite can be found in Brazil, USA, Madagascar, Russia, Norway and India. Further existence of Amazonite are available in Germany and Austria.
Particularly Amazonite effects in metabolic disorders, headaches and menstrual complaints. On the mental level, the stones energize and soothe anxieties. For the star sign Cancer, Amazonite is a significant horoscope stone. It helps to overcome grief and strengthens self-awareness.
Amazonite healing effect is harmonizing with mood swings, impatience and learning problems. The precious stone provides serenity, promotes tolerance and helps with tornness. When you place Amazonite under your head pillow at night, it favors healthy sleep and protects you from frightening dreams. The soothing effect of Amazonite also unfolds in the case of inconsistencies. The dazzling waterstone also provokes greed, avarice, and ego. By meaning, Amazonite gives more joy and vitality, works with grief and promotes the balance between intuition and reasoning. Amazonite are predominantly made as oval cabochons for pendants and beads for necklace and bracelet.
Healing effects on the psychic level are:
* Strengthens the female side.
* Promotes self-determination.
* Solves contradictions, helps with hyperactivity.
* Relieves heart pain, brings serenity.
* Gives new momentum.
* Supported by mourning.
In the vicinity of the heart, the precious stone Amazonite will alleviate heart problems. In general, Amazonite stimulates the metabolism, helps against headaches and abdominal cramps. Amazonite’s supportive effect also unfolds in exercises against birth pain. Place an Amazonite healing stone on the neck, it can relieve tension and pain. On the physical level Amazonite calms the nervous system, favor the formation of new skin cells and strengthen the liver.
Healing effects on the body are:
* Regulation of metabolic disorders and thyroid function.
* Works with headache, migraine and headaches.
* Helps in convulsions in the abdomen and pelvic floor.
* Relieves muscle pain, sprains and back pain.

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8.1mm, 9.2mm, 10.2mm


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