Angel Wing Amethyst Pendant Necklace

$ 16.80

Angell Wing Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Dimensions of stone: 35 x 18 x 7mm

Necklace length: 43cm, Verlängerung: 4cm

In many diseases, as well as various ailments or pain, Amethyst should provide excellent relief. Thus, this healing stone can be used as a good remedy for migraine or general headaches (due to, for example, weather sensitivity or tensions). The famous Amethyst cure for acne or similar skin impurities was and is also attributed to the violet Amethyst.


Has always been a child’s favorite, Amethyt is a lucky Charm. Once it brings good grades in dreaded classes. Another time he protects us from accidents. Also as a talisman, it keeps nightmares away, gives us fortunate moments, security, courage and good feelings. Amethyst, the magical companion, knows our soul to direct our thoughts positively. Whoever carries a luck bringer with him in his handbag or trousers pocket can not do anything wrong. It warns us and even seems to beat fate. Amethyst is particularly suitable as a talisman. Its violet color leaves no doubt. This semi-precious stone must simply have powers of thought and lead the wearer to its protective angel. For this purpose, Amethyst pendants are specially produced for jewelery trade. Purple Amethyst angels serve the wearer as a protective symbol. The protection stone is in constant contact with a higher, positive power, which keeps the hand well above the wearer’s well-being.


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