Copper Needle Rutilated Quartz Stretch Armband 6mm

$ 36.50

Diameter of stones: 6 mm

Length of bracelet: stretchy, approximately 17.5cm

It is fun to look in Rutilated Quartz – a kind of Clear Quartz, which is interspersed with needle-like Rutile pieces, “Venus Hair”. Rutilated Quartz can clear energy blockages from all chakras and agree to your divine purpose.


Rutile Quartz is a compound of two minerals of Quartz and Rutile. Rutile deposits come from micro-small inclusions, which cause an asterism (star formation) in some minerals, through fine needles up to several millimeters.
Gold-, silver-, black- (not to be confused with Tourmaline Quartz) and reddish-copper-colored to intensely red needles are in the following transparent members of Quartz: rock crystal (most common), Citrine, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst (yellow Tourmaline also has Rutile inclusions).

Rutilated Quartz provides an extraordinary high energy and should bring physical and mental balance and stability. It also increases self-employment and helps in decision-making. Use Rutilated Quartz as a link between the Root and Crown Chakras, or to get the “root” of a problem.

Rutilated Quartz is a rising stone that brings joy to life and the environment. Rutilated Quartz is used for meditation. Working with Rutilated Quartz can help you get the best out of Rutile in Quartz, which is a kind of mental antenna. Rutilated Quartz should also help. People who work to improve their mental abilities are supported by Rutilated Quartz, as well as those who desire more concentration and clarity.

Physically, Rutilated Quartz can be used to speed up healing of injuries and slow down aging. Amputees can use Rutilated Quartz to facilitate the phenomena known as phantom pain. It has a mucolytic effect with cough, bronchitis and blockage of the respiratory tract.

The signature of Rutile Quartz shows connection, communication, networking. However, complete self-responsibility for one’s own thinking, feeling and action is perceivable and thereby to be truly free.

Gold-colored Rutile inclusions have a stronger effect on the emotional person, increasing the perception of fullness and abundance in encounters and experiences.
Silver Rutile needles support the mental focus on clarity, purity and the feminine-intuition. They also reinforce the ability of networking.
Black Rutile needles strengthen the concentration and switch off opposing foreign influences.
Red Rutile needles bring increased dynamics into development processes and changes. They work intensively on the magnetism of blood and thus DNA.

In Citrine, Rutile needles work intensively on the feeling and promote the intuitive decisions. They are also conveying diamond energy’s perfection.

In Smoky Quartz, Rutile needles support the inner networking to the soul, strengthen the perception and contact to one’s own essence depth. It helps to carry light into its own shadow area and to re-integrate the potentials of suppressed personality. Rutile Smoky Quartz, Rainbow Obsidian and Watermelon Tourmaline form a good treatment team, which Amber and black Opal gladly add.

Amethyst with Rutile brings a weight to the transformation work towards spiritual freedom, a connection to the original understanding of cosmic laws and love as a constant connection to everything.
The amethyst is reminiscent of this balance, before it changes into the magenta of the all-devoted love of love.

Inspiration and creativity are the core themes of the second Chakra. Thus, the tetragonal crystal structure is particularly connected to this energy center. Tetragonal crystals in this chakra cause the dissolution of creativity blocks to remain open to one’s own inspiration.


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