Faceted Golden Topaz in Bamboo Shape Stretch Bracelet

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Dimensions of stones: 6.5 x 9; 7 x 10; 8 x 11 mm.

Length of bracelet: stretchy, 17.5 cm.

For thousands of years, the mere mention of Topaz has evoked thoughts of opulence and luxury, influence and generosity, liveliness and strength. Owning one brings true love and loyalty, friendship and a gentle nature, giving the gifts of courage, wisdom and success in all endeavors. Its energy, used by the sun, transcends both time and space, and is one of the most loving, soothing crystals that one can bestow on the self.



From the pure light of the clear Topaz, through the golden and sunny yellow to the fiery-pink-red varieties, Topaz warms its solar energy, spreads and radiates its gentle power in all directions … soothing, healing, stimulating and invigorating. It brings solid, enduring energy, joy, generosity and abundance. Blue Topaz draws its solar influence from all over the sky, where power and vitality become inspiration, breath and movement. It promotes truth and forgiveness, expression and the confidence to fulfill one’s wishes. It is also believed that topaz has lunar connections, with its color and power growing and decreasing in conjunction with the lunar cycle.

Topaz is more than an improvement stone, it is considered the “crystal of potency,” with ends and facets (and faceted ones) that produce both positive and negative currents. It differs from the energy of Quartz in that its alternating currents are interconnected and transmitted through the ether to the forces of attraction and manifestation. A request to the universe focused through this jewel brings intense clarity to one’s own intention and heightens the focus of one’s thoughts, energies, and actions to manifest one’s desires in physical reality. Topaz is very effective in affirming and visualizing, meditating, and projecting, and is an excellent talisman for recognizing divine wisdom and connecting with the celestial realm.

Topaz comes in a wide range of colors. In addition to the properties that they have in common, they have some additional properties or are more suitable for some applications. As Topaz increases the energy focused on it, it is important to act consciously and responsibly.

Golden and imperial Topaz – embraces the nobility of mind, status, personal will and ability to manifest one’s desires. It activates the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras as well as the crown and increases the ability to direct one’s energy or universal energy into the form. It is a stone of creativity and intention that generates abundance in the context of what is appropriate for the highest path. Respectfully used, it is an excellent crystal for consciously attuning to the highest forces in the universe and can be used to store information, energy, thought and love received in this way. Like a battery, it can recharge you spiritually and physically, strengthen your faith and optimism, and increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and pride in one’s own abilities, without inflating the ego. This stone is useful for those who seek fame or overcome boundaries to make great plans, as they raise the charisma and attract helpful people while encouraging them to remain generous and open-hearted. The Golden Topaz energies move slower and are more grounded than Clear Topaz, making them ideal for improving relaxation and stimulating feelings of peace. It is an excellent crystal for meditation and connection with the Divine, Ascended Masters and Archangels.

Yellow, golden and imperial Topaz are especially useful for recharging the physical body, overcoming nervous fatigue and promoting tissue regeneration. They are ideal for postoperative convalescence, improve blood circulation and solve cold feet problems. They can be used in treatments for diseases of the liver, gallbladder and endocrine glands. These sunny Topaz are a great help in combating depression and improving brain function, and may be beneficial for the elderly or people approaching death. They have also been used alongside treatments for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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 6.5 x 9 mm, 7 x 10 mm, 8 x 11 mm


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