Faceted Purple Topaz Rondelle Stretch Bracelet

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Dimensions of stones: 3.5 x 8 mm and 4.5 x 7.5 mm.
Length of bracelet: stretchy, 17.5 cm.

Wear Purple Topaz if you are looking for scholarships to narrow your prospects and reach your goal successfully. It has also been used to reduce pain during injections, and is therefore a good mineral to wear or to wear when getting a tattoo.

Purple Topaz can be used in therapies for autism, pathological conditions such as schizophrenia and personality disorders and can help strengthen the spine.


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Topaz is valued for manifesting health and well-being and for correcting disorders in the body. It is designed to strengthen the nerves, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients and stimulate the metabolism. It is also believed to expose and combat the past life pattern behind eating disorders, especially anorexia. Using Topaz as an elixir is an excellent way to distribute energy throughout the system. It has been used topically for the healing of wounds, nosebleeds and rashes.

Topaz was recognized as early as the 10th century for its help in curing eye diseases and blurred vision, relieving mental illness and restoring sensory loss of taste. It is also thought to reduce heartache and reduce snoring.

Purple Topaz – an example of spiritual wealth that brings the energy of prayer and blessing into one’s own life. It promotes a connection between the heart and crown chakras, moves the kundalini and ensures an energy transfer between the two. It inspires one’s own spirituality and the holiness of love. This mineral is uplifting and highly transformative, it enhances the ability to give and receive abundantly at all levels.

Purple Topaz is an excellent decision-making talisman that forwards information that you may not know about, and also reveals serious deficiencies in logic or objectivity. It serves to protect you from the wrong person in your life, someone who does not promote his happiness or cause pain, and it is known that it triggers an audible resonance of the warning when you meet another and there is any bridging energy from previous lives.

Traditionally, it was assumed that Topaz harnesses the power of the sun. Topazo’s name, after the Topazos island in the Red Sea, could be some scholars that his name was from the ancient Sanskrit topaz or tapaz, which was “fire”. For the Egyptians, Topaz symbolized Ra, the sun god, the giver of life and fertility and was an extremely powerful energy stone. The Hindus believed it would protect their homes from fire, and worn above the heart would assure long life, beauty, and intelligence. Greeks and Romans prized it for its ability to give strength and prevent injury, and in Europe it became strongly linked with Apollo, another solar being. Topaz’s powers were also thought to have a lunar connection, and would increase and decrease with the waxing and waning of the moon.

In the Hindu religion, Topaz was described as a jewel of the poetic kalpa tree, a symbolic sacrifice to the gods. It was also the seventh stone given to Jupiter in the “nine-piece” talisman jewels, known as Naoratnas, in rings and pendants. Its order among the nine gemstones varies in different periods or countries of origin.

In ancient times, Topaz was thought to cure inflammation and prevent the wearer from sleepwalking. It could be placed on or in the nose to stop nosebleeds, and ground to powder and mixed with rose water for consumption to prevent all kinds of bleeding.

The first medical healers realized that the topography involved a large amount of people. Worn on the fingers, it was considered a protective stone against poison, premature or accidental death, he said because Topaz would lose its color in case of danger. It was used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe to break magical spells, promote the favor of kings and civil authorities, improve wisdom and mental health, and dispel anger. It has also been used to prevent colds and tuberculosis for its ability to give strength to the body’s respiratory mechanics.

Topaz was known in the 10th century for its ability to heal eye diseases, a quality reiterated by Saint Hildegard of Bingen in the 12th century who strongly recommended an elixir of Topaz to correct dimness of vision. The stone was to be placed in wine and left there for three days and three nights, and upon retiring for the evening, the patient was instructed to gently rub his eyes with the moistened Topaz so that the liquid touched the eyeball. After the stone was removed, the wine could still be used for this purpose for five more days.

A Roman physician of the 15th century was reported to have brought about many wonderful cures of those stricken by the plaque by touching the sores with a Topaz which had belonged to two eminent popes, Clement VI and Gregory II.

Considered sacred to the African Bushmen, Topaz Kristall is used in ceremonial rituals to establish communion with the realm of the spirit. It is used in shamanic works to travel, to connect with ancestors, to heal and to bring wealth and health to one who holds it.

Topaz was used in ancient times as a talisman and often carved with the falcon figure to obtain the goodwill of kings, princes and magnates. A crowned man rising through the air, depicted on a Topaz, made his owner as good, complacent, valued by others, bringing honor and respect.

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3.5 x 8 mm, 4.5 x 7.5 mm.


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