Golden Needle Rutile Quartz Charm Bracelet

$ 41.58

Golden Needle Rutile Quartz Charm Bracelet
Dimensions of stones: 9.5-9.8mm
Length of bracelet: 17.5cm. Please contact us otherwise for your desired size.

Rutile Quartz is able to protect you against untruths, thoughts and bad energies. It can also solve anxiety, depression, tension and anxiety. It also gives you strength and hope when you need it. While looking through it, you find the world different and get new ideas. This gemstone enriches you and makes you much more independent. It helps one sleep better and awakens the sexuality.


Rutile Quartz is a rock crystal, was discovered by Abraham Gottlob in 1803, with needle-like inclusions made of Rutile. It is Hydrothermal or Magmatic of Silicon Dioxide with high proportions of Titanium. The thus formed rutile needles are enclosed in rock crystal during the cooling progresses. The color varieties result from the intensity and coloration of the rutile fibers. The coloring can be from gold yellow to copper red, and with a little rutile the quartz is clearer. Rutile quartz belongs to the mineral class of the oxides.
Rutile Quartz is also known under the following names: hairstone, love arrow, saganite, needle stone, angel hair and Venus hair. In addition, this gemstone can be yellow, transparent or even red and belongs to the family of quartz. There are no varieties of the family.
Rutile Quartz has always been regarded as a protective stone as well as a truth stone, and is intended to warn against evil energies, thoughts or untruths. Blockages, tension, oppression, depression or anxiety can be solved with the help of Rutile Quartz.
This healing stone gives hope, cheers up and gives balance and vitality. Rutile Quartz also leads to new ideas, shows new life concepts and makes changes or goals confidently realized. In this way, Rutile Quartz increases the spiritual growth up to self-realization. Sleep and sexuality can be as well improved.
Rutile Quartz is supposed to help to remain faithful, to go one’s own ways and to consolidate personality by encouraging to think positively. An effect in the mental area, however, necessarily requires visual contact with the Rutile Quartz.


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