Kyanite Stretch Bracelet 8mm

$ 45.60

Diameter of stones: 8 mm.

Length of bracelet: stretchy, 17.5 cm.

Spiritually, Kyanite removes the idea of ​​blind fate or relentless karma, revealing the role that one plays in creating causes and relationships in life, and the action needed to balance the past. It dispels illusion, anger and frustration and increases logical, linear thinking. It establishes spiritual energy, connects with the higher mind, brings integrity and maturity. Kyanite is also helpful for those who make transition to death.

The high spiritual energy of Kyanite improves psychic abilities and allows a closer connection and transmission of information from higher beings. It helps to open the third eye during mediation and healing sessions, as well as can be used to improve the telepathy between two persons or between the healing companion and the client. It is an excellent tool for crystal resonance therapy and other forms of crystal-based healing.


The high vibration and the fast energy transfer of Kyanite create paths where none existed before. Like a universal bridge, it is an extraordinary compound crystal that opens up the mental centers, enhances telepathic and psychic abilities, bridges gaps in all communication efforts, and provides a connection to transmit or receive healing energy. It instantly aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, bringing calm and calming effects to the whole being. It is an extraordinary stone for the transition to deep meditative states.

Like Citrine, Kyanite is one of the two minerals on the planet that does not accumulate or store negative energy and therefore never needs to be purified. The energy of Kyanite is unlimited in use, which makes it an excellent stone for metaphysical purposes, and it can be used for the purification of other crystals.

Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral that often appears as long, striped blade crystals that may be translucent or translucent with a pearlescent shine. The most common colors in the metaphysical application are blue, white, indigo, green and black, although Kyanite can occur in white, gray, pink, yellow and recently discovered orange.

Kyanite comes from the Greek word, Kuanos or Kyanos, which means “deep blue” and was once called “disthene”, which means “two strengths”. It is also known as Rhaeticide and Cyanite. Its most identifiable feature is its anisotropy, the ability to perfectly split in two directions with two distinctly different hardnesses on the vertical axes.

Kyanite is valuable in the industry for heat resistance and is used in high-refractory porcelain, refractory bricks, mortars, kiln furniture and casting molds, in the automotive and railway industries for brake shoes, grinding wheels and cutting wheels as well as in standard porcelain dentures, wash basins and bathroom fixtures. Kyanite crystals, which are very transparent and attractive in color, can be cut into cabochon and faceted gemstones and are considered “exotic” gemstones.

Kyanite inspires others to loyalty and fair treatment. It helps to resolve disagreements and disputes and can help repair damaged relationships. It is useful in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration and other forms of communication between disharmonious people, so that different energies resonate and find a common frequency.

In workplaces, Kyanite promotes good communication by bridging the gap between different beliefs and ideas, promoting self-expression and expressing one’s own truth. Having Kyanite held or worn when addressing a group or directing a seminar or team meeting. It sharpens communication skills and is particularly helpful in answering questions or when it comes to improvisation.

For those who have lost their way in life or are trying to break a cycle of self-destructive behavior, use Kyanite in an empowerment grid to get back on track.

To access forgotten childhood memories or to remember a word or name that eludes you, touch the middle of your eyebrow with Kyanite.

For children who have difficulty integrating with others, or who are physically different in any way, keep Kyanite blades near their outdoor or school clothes to increase their popularity.

Kyanite inspires others to loyalty and fair treatment. It helps to resolve disagreements and disputes and can help repair damaged relationships. It is useful in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration and other forms of communication between disharmonious people, so that different energies resonate and find a common frequency.

Kyanite’s frequency encourages exploration of all aspects of oneself, the various interests, abilities and knowledge that create the uniqueness of one’s identity, and how it can be used for one’s soul path on earth and for the search for a fulfilling vocation , It encourages to listen to intuitive leadership and to live with integrity of purpose.

Kyanite helps overcome a victim or fatalistic mentality and the resignation of repetitive emotional patterns that create blockages in the energetic field. Kyanite can bridge the connection to these patterns and quickly create a new flow of energy and a shift in perceptions into the world. It helps one to stay functional in extreme situations, promotes a more logical mindset and promotes determined action.

Blue Kyanite reflects the color energy of the sky as winter gives way to spring and the sun rises higher every day. It marks the beginning of life and emotion. Blue Crystals bring trust, faith, patience, and respect, and give us the focus we need to become more righteous, more responsible, and more trustworthy. Pale blue crystals help us accept the life we ​​have, develop patience, balance differences, or ask for forgiveness. They are great for recovering from addictions or destructive patterns, helping to contain the mind and helping us become more reliable and happy. Pale blue crystals also help with grief, letting go of the past and healing guilt. Darker blue talismans reinforce the respect and compassion we have within ourselves. They teach us humanity, discretion and honor, and encourage us to act more kindly and focus our efforts on serving others.

Indigo Kyanite combines the intuition of the violet ray with the confidence of the pure blue ray. It brings wisdom, truth, dignity and spiritual mastery. A stone of judgment and long life, it promotes introspection and can lead to profound wisdom when used well. Dark indigo crystals provide honesty and are particularly well suited for religious and spiritual journeys, while light indigo kyanite connects us with nature and enhances our appreciation for others.

Green Kyanite is a “growth crystal” – a powerful channel of Earth’s life force of birth, development and creation and the constant renewal of nature. It is an effective aid to care, be it in the family or in a new company. Green crystals are perfect for keeping a course on course, a project on schedule and life on the track. Bright green crystals promote spiritual growth and renew commitment to a higher purpose. Those of darker color are talismans of physical growth and strength and safety in the journey.

Green Kyanite is especially useful when connecting to the dynamic balance of nature and feeling the ever-moving perfect flow of Tao, the life force of the universe. It helps to connect with the truth of the heart and encourages you to look inward to find answers. Green Kyanite also allows entry into the Realm of Nature Spirits and Devas, and with readiness and practice, one can reach the causal level where the archetypes exist and where patterns of events are formed before they manifest in our world.

Black Kyanite deepens our connection to the physical, natural world. It brings strength and relieves fears that are specifically related to physical existence here on Earth. Black Kyanite provides protection and retreat, the security of being hidden from your enemies.

Black Kyanite supports environmental healing with its grounding energies and connects with those that pollute the environment and support the planet’s evolution.


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