Lemon Citrine Stretch Bracelet 7.5mm

$ 32.68

Lemon Citrine Stretch Bracelet

Dimensions of stone: 7.5 – 7.8 mm

Length of bracelet:  stretchy, approximately 17.5cm. Please contact us otherwise for your desired size.

In medical cure, Citrine is worn with skin contact. As a ball or crystal, it can also come to meditation. Spiritually, Citrine is used to promote individuality, vitality and self-assurance. It makes dynamic and intensified desire for variety, new experiences and self-realization.


Citrine (lat. “Citris” for “Lemon Tree”, French “Citrine” for “Lemon Color”) is named after its oldest pale to honey yellow color, but sometimes it is found in brownish or golden brown.
Citrine has been highly appreciated for its great powers over centuries. Roman legionaries, for example, wrangled this stone on the chest or around the neck. Thus Citrin supposed to protect himself from the “evil eye”. For its radiant color, Citrine was revered as a sunstone until the Middle Ages.

Citrine are quite common. They are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Spain, France, Scotland and the USA. They belong to the family of Quartz group and have a hardness of 7. In the chemical classes, Citrine is assigned to Silicon Dioxide and to Clear Yellow Crystal Quartz in the mineral class.

This gem is available as a healing stone or gemstone. However, here most of these stones were made by firing amethyst or smoke quartz. These are easily recognizable by a very delicate redness. A true citrine, on the other hand, is usually of a pale yellow color, which is obtained from iron deposits.

Citrine acts with the joy of life on the psyche. It helps to overcome depression more easily and promotes self-expression. Mentally, Citrine can help to process recorded impressions. It promotes the power of confrontation and helps to understand these shortcuts.

This stone can also have a positive effect on physical ailments such as loss of appetite, diabetes, skin infections, immune deficiency, sciatica, colds, pertussis, weather sensitization and metabolic disorders. With these physical discomfort, Citrine is really helpful.

Citrine-Amethyst-Essence can help with hair loss. This essence should be used by massaging on the scalp but not for more than six weeks.


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