Rutilated Amethyst Stretch Bracelet

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Diameter of stones: 7.7mm, 8.3mm, 9mm

Length of bracelet: stretchy, 17.5 cm.

Rutilated Amethyst contains brown iron crystals, known as goethite, which are also present in Super Seven crystal. These crystals facilitate a bond that binds deep self to earth, exposing base and earth chakras, and aligning the entire chakra system. The goethite crystals facilitate connections to angels and other worlds. This type of Amethyst is especially useful during the death process.



Amethysts are not just beautiful rocks. They have a long history of helping people in many ways. These purple Quartz gems are worn to protect people, calm the mind and control addiction. Whether it is worn in jewelry or carved into a statuette, it improves health and overall wellbeing of its owner .

For thousands of years, Purple Amethyst has represented power and loyalty for its rich purple color.  Carved, polished Amethyst stones and jewels were used by the Egyptians in 4000 BC. This meaning gave Amethyst gemstones an important place in British crown jewels.

Greeks wore Amethyst rings while drinking alcoholic beverages to ward off intoxicants. Amethyst stones were carved into goblets by the Greeks, who believed that they would not get intoxicated when drinking wine from Amethyst beakers. Purple Amethysts are still worn today to signify sobriety.

Around 1250 to 1300, Greeks named the purple Quartz “Amethyst”, meaning “not intoxicated or intoxicating,” based on the gem’s seeming ability to prevent drunkenness. This name and its meaning is tied to Dionysius, the Greek god of intoxication, who was known as Bacchus to the Romans. As the story goes, Dionysius felt insulted by something a human said. He was a vengeful Greek god who decided to take his anger out on the next human that came near. A woman named Amethyst was the unfortunate human to suffer Dionysius’ wrath. The Greek god sent tigers to kill her. Amethyst was actually on her way to worship the goddess Diana, who turned Amethyst into a quartz statue so the tigers could not hurt her. Dionysius felt so bad about what he had done that he cried, raining wine down on the quartz statue. In the Roman version of this myth, Bacchus poured the juice from his grapes over the statue. The wine is what was believed to impart the rich, purple amethyst color.

In the case of headaches, colds or even when you have to prepare for an exam or an appoitment in the next day, it can be helpful by placing Amethyst under your pillow and letting it develop its effect. When you need a rest from a stressful phase and therefore a missing positive energy, it’s recommended to rub and hold Amethyst in your hands.

Amethyst does not have a certain hue. It can have a very bright, slightly pink to a very intense violet tone. Amethyst should be stored in such a way that it is protected against excessive sun exposure, in order to keep its color over the time. In addition to excessive solar radiation, Amethysts should also be protected against excessive heat.

Amethyst mineral class: violet crystal quartz and group of oxides.
Formula: SiO2 + Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na.
Crystal system: trigonal.
Transparency: transparent, translucent, opaque.
Color: from very light to dark violet, rarely with purpure and nearly black.
Shining: vitreous.
Occurrence: Australia, Brazil, Germany (exploited), India, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia, Uruguay, USA.
Organism: Lungs, skin, nerves.
Physical effects: 
Skin: Acne, eczema, rash, psoriasis, warts, connective tissue weakness.
Respiratory: strengthens lungs and respiratory, facilitates coughing, against hoarseness.
Digestion: regulates intestinal flora, promotes resorption in the intestine, in the case of nervous digestive problems, in case of biliary stones, against parasites.
Pain: with menstrual problems and heat, sciatica, headaches, shoulder pain, tensions, inflammation, against bruises, against gout; “The darker the better for pain.”
Other: Fever, watery eyes, for the purpose of immunity, against addictions, improves bone structure.
Emotional effects:
Supporting: grief, loss pain, anxiety, test anxiety, nightmares, learning deficit, love affliction, addiction, inconsistency
Promotes: relaxation, calm, restful sleep, clairvoyant dreams (light amethyst), intuition, rational decisions, analytical mind, concentration, opens to spirituality, righteousness.
Energetic properties:
Strengthen true friendships, expel false friends; Prevents the acceptance of unconscious patterns and energies of other people, helps as a therapist to remain critical and neutral.

Astrological classification:
Birthdate Aries, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn
Chakra Classification: Forehead, apex.

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7.7mm, 8.3mm, 9mm


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