Tourmaline Love Heart Charm Bracelet

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Tourmaline Love Heart Charm Bracelet

Dimension of stones: 6mm

Length of bracelet: 17.5cm. Please contact us otherwise for your desired size.

As a healing stone, Tourmaline has a positive effect on the nerve system. The stone has a beneficial effect in nerve infections such as gangrene or trigeminal neuralgia. Tourmaline is also used to strengthen musculature. The red Rubellite promotes blood circulation, the green Verdelith stimulates the liver and intestine activity and thereby causes a faster removal of poisons. The green-red Watermelon Tourmaline is known for its favorable influence in nerve damage. The healing processes of burns as well as the excretion function of the kidneys are promoted by the blue indigolite.


Tourmaline, like a rainbow, brings out the complete range of colors and is a symbol of diversity. The energetically precious gemstones form a mineral group of structurally arranged mixed crystals. Since the types of origin are very different, the diverse varieties are obtained in complex chemical compositions. Tourmaline predominantly form when magma meets boron and lithium atoms in feldspar and quartz-rich rocks. Whether the gemstone is pegmatic or hydrothermal depends strongly on the type of rock.

Tourmaline is highly appreciated because of its healing and beneficial effects. Connoisseurs marvel at the richness of colors. The marvelous precious stones ensure a harmonious flow of energy and protect against negative feelings. Already 4,000 BC., various stone healing procedures were developed in China. Today, you will find lucky stones for star signs, protection stones for dogs or curative stones against numerous physical and mental ailments. Tourmaline have the special ability to combine all conceivable color combinations. Some precious stones have an inspiring effect, others are exciting or soothing. Tourmaline bring harmony, equal mood fluctuations, and center positive energies.

The stones can form minute and several-meter crystals, so the variety of crystal shapes is a special feature. The impressive color palette of the famous tourmalines ranges from black, yellow and blue to green, pink and red to violet. Tourmaline locate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, USA and South Africa. Schorl, the world-famous black tourmaline, protects one from mental stress and connects with the zodiac sign Capricorn. The red-pink Rubellite alleviates menopausal symptoms and is associated with the astrological sign Scorpion.

From time immemorial, Tourmaline had a significance as a healing and protection stone. Old traditions testify to the early use of Tourmaline as such. In the Middle Age, people called the red Tourmaline Carbuncle. It was not until the eighteenth century that the name of the stone came from the Sinhala word “turmali”, which means “different stone”. In ancient times, Tourmaline was regarded as a light-maker and made protective amulets. They should protect property and bring prosperity. The ancient Egyptians believed that these precious stones rise from the earth above the rainbow and ignite the glow of the sun.

Since Tourmaline are considered to be very good electrical conductors, they have often been used to draw ash from a tobacco pipe, which is why the stones are also called “ashtrays”. The colorful Tourmaline have always been important elements in the production of jewelery and the production of works of art. Also in astrology, Tourmaline has the meaning: astrologers ascribed the powerful Tourmaline healing stone ​​to the month of October.

Tourmaline healing stones can have very different healing powers due to their multifaceted varieties. In general the stones show an uplifting effect on the psyche. Tourmaline promotes the perception and control of developments, brings more clarity in difficult life situations and creates a soothing atmosphere. Tourmaline is considered a powerful protective stone against negative influences. Colorful Tourmaline healing stones strengthen the creative side, red Tourmaline represents vitality. The blue Tourmaline (indigolite) stands for tolerance and mental abilities, while the green healing stone (verdelite) regenerates and strengthens the sensibility.

Other general remedies to the psyche are:
* Protecting from negative emotions and energies.
* Strengthening perseverance.
* Bringing more self-confidence and self-assurance.
* Centering positive energies.
* Turning away from jealousy, hatred, envy and mistrust.

General healing on the physical level are:
* Muscle strengthening.
* Helping with joint inflammation, joint pain, muscle soreness, muscle cracks.
* Supporting for heart disease, renal and adrenal disorders.
* Relieves muscular contractions.
* Generally pain relieving and cleansing.

Tourmaline healing stones must be regularly cleaned and discharged under lukewarm running water. Chains or bracelets should be unloaded once a month in a bowl of rock crystal and hematite drums. In order to reactivate the powerful pyroelectric properties, recharging is recommended in the sun. The precious stones can also be recharged in an amethyst drusen. However, pink Tourmaline should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The effect of Tourmaline can be optimal if you wear the stone directly on the skin. Some scholars advise even to stick the gemstone to the affected body part. Favorable spiritual healing effects are achieved by looking at the stone in meditation. Depending on the variety, Tourmaline can be applied to different chakras.


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