Warranty and Return Policy


Consumers are individuals or organizations who do not conduct legal transaction on https://legemstone.com for commercial purposes or for independent professional activities.

Warranty: Le Gemstone offers 6 months warranty on the replacement of new silk or elastic string for the product. Please contact: customer.service@legemstone.com; Telephone: 0932949314 for individual warranty advice.

During the warranty period, the customer is responsible for the transportation of the product that requires warranty.

Return: In order to make your return, you must clearly describe the problem (by mail or e-mail). You can also use the return form attached to this or via the contact form in order to announce the return of the product. This allows us to assign the product as quickly as possible.

Returns within 15 days of receipt.

The products are in the original condition and stamp, labels, no use traces.

Not dirty, damaged, no odd smell.

Return the product with the invoice – The box is in its original condition.

If the original packaging is no longer available to you, other suitable packaging should be used to ensure adequate protection against damages during transportation and in order to avoid any possible claims due to damages as a result of inadequate packaging.

Products are not refunded:

There is no right of return for products in the promotion, or discounts.

Buy or receive goods directly in the store, which have been previewed and tested in advance.

Products  which are not yet manufactured and for the manufacture of which an individual choice or stipulation by the consumer is significant, or which are distinctly tailored to the personal requirements of the consumer.

Products  are inseparably mixed with other goods after delivery due to their particular character.


If the product does not correspond to your wishes due to Le Gemstone (wrong product, wrong size, manufacturing defect), we will exchange the corresponding unwanted product if in-stock products are available; or you have the right to request Le Gemstone for a refund, exclusive transportation charges.

For the return of the customer, or a damaged product, Le Gemstone does not assume any warranty: The customer bears the costs, including shipping, packaging and, where applicable, transfer fee.

Le Gemstone will refund the previous payment within 15 days of receipt of the product after confirming the product’s status.


If the customer is favored for the purchase of many products or a high order value and returns the product to Le Gemstone, he must compensate for the profit and other costs incurred by Le Gemstone. (as mentioned above).

Content of the feedback:

Please contact me by mail or e-mail and provide me with information on the following information.

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Le Thi Hong Thanh,

44, Road No. 19, Tan Dinh, Tan Thong Hoi, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

Phone: 0932949314

Email: contact@legemstone.com

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